Monday, June 9, 2008


A few weeks ago, hundreds of dragonflies flew in my garden to herald the magical time of summer..... aah SUMMER! where everything is sizzling and sparkling with bubbles from swimming, diving, skiing, snorkeling, and of course, delightful refreshments!

Vacations, vacations, vacations. For the past few years, I have been taking business style vacations, and this year, I wonder, would it not be beneficial and more abundant for me to just run away and find the magic and romance in a distant land, either to re-visit beautiful people and experiences, or somewhere brand new to me, where I can again spread my wings and fly in happiness and freedom, with new experiences and pleasures?

It does sound so good, and I love to be tempted in such a way...

This painting created specifically for my new web, "CARESS" has all of the fantastical, lovely and soothing visions of a day spent in love, pampering, beauty and fun! Freedom is the key word in this world of my imagination, and I intend that wherever I may be this year, I will take the time to manifest this reality for my own abundant healing and rejuvenation.
I wish this for your too. Indulge yourself because, you really deserve it!

I highly recommend reading on the beach for a mini getaway such as ELIZABETH GILBERT'S "EAT PRAY LOVE" so wonderful, and a classic book that will take all summer to read, but such an extreme pleasure and well worth it, is AYN RAND'S "ATLAS SHRUGGED" To know your own potential for creating reality as you experience it, FRED ALAN WOLF makes quantum mechanics a visual,virtual getaway in "TAKING THE QUANTUM LEAP" Visit My Website ENJOY!

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