Monday, December 17, 2007


I have been unable to get into the holiday spirit, until I had my open house party this Friday, for the season and for my art.

And then there it give back and sometimes magic happens, It was a really GREAT party, thanks to all of my guests, quite a few phone calls in appreciation afterwards, that warm glow and some sales......

VISIONS OF GOD is al oil painting on wood, which was commissioned by City Link Magazine a few seasons ago, as the cover for a series of stories about different folks impressions of who God is to them personally.

I chose this image as I had just come back from an extended trip all through Italy (which I love love love) and I was very inspired by the many churches I had visited, the pillars, and faux marbling everywhere. The Italians are very good at faux.

I had wanted to portray a quite different viewpoint than the standard Madonna and child. I wanted to show a father's viewpoint and the holiness and the rather formal structure of the pillars and background.Visit My Website