Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Summer to some is taking of your shirt and jumping a few hoops in the backyard. I caught these neighborhood guys with my camera taking a break from a work day, just tearing up the cement! Of course this is one of the ways to demonstrate freedom and agility. There are many others, and kicking back with a margarita and your favorite pal, listening to the waves,feeling the cooling breezes at the beach is one of my favorites.

Summer is a magical time of relaxation, vacations and travel. The colors of summer are aqua, gold and green. The crashing sound of the waves beckon to me, the hot sand soothes and feels delicious. Ahhhhh! ...... enjoy!Visit My Website
p.s. I just discovered this cool blog very relevant, I think, and lots of great pictures www.pictureyear.blogspot.com

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