Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cherie Bender's Glitter Book Of Magical Cooking: La Petite Amoureuse

* La Petite Amoureuse * Pencil Drawing by Cherie
Amouse Bouche: * small tidbits * of delicious food meant to tempt and tantalize *
Delicious food is one of the surest ways to anyone's heart, well known from antiquity until present times:
Enticing is an art form which starts with Ambiance, Candlelight, perfect linen, crystal, fine wines and scrumptious food. Setting the stage, music also plays an important part.
One of my favorite small tidbits, demonstrated to me by my grandma, involves caviar, with toast points, crumbled egg, finely chopped onion, and a squeeze of lemon.
Serve the  fine caviar in a sparkling crystal bowl, arrange the toast points, cut to a triangle shape with crusts removed, together with separate piles of the chopped egg whites and yolk, and white onion,  on a decorative serving platter. You may also add sour cream with Blinis. But that Blinis recipes is for another day, as it is about to storm outside and I must turn off the computer, living in the tropics, now, as I do!
I hope you enjoy and experiment with my *Amouse Bouche *
Featured Art: La Petite Amoureuse, pencil drawing by Cherie.