Friday, July 1, 2016

Cherie Bender's Glitter Book Of Magical Cooking: Fairies & Elves & Gnomes!

Esm'e: pencil & glitter by Cherie Bender
I love drawing and painting my Magical Creatures! For me, the cooking, and enjoyment of eating delicious, healthy, good for you food is a magical and transforming experience.
My magical folk I draw and paint to illustrate my Magical Cookbook are very real to me. They are inspired by my favorite flowers, herbs and creatures of my garden.
All I have done, is to open my eyes and ears and believe in what happens next!
If I am very quiet and still, shhhhh! soon, I will hear the tinkling, silvery laughter, perhaps? of fairies in my flower and herbal garden. On a particularly lucky day, I can sometimes catch the soft flutter of fairy wings within the corner of my eye. If I listen carefully, I can hear my garden's helpers, the Gnomes and Elves coax my flowers and herbs to grow.
In order to protect all creatures and keep everything healthy, I do not allow harsh pesticides in my home or garden. I want to keep the eco system flowing so I try to only work with natural oils such as peppermint, to keep unwanted visitors, such as mosquitoes, away!
 My new cookbook that I am beginning to write now, starting this Summer of 2016, incorporates these principles, and is so much fun to create!
 My Magical Cookbook is percolating and simmering, blending all of the wonderful ingredients!   My recipes include using natural ingredients such as herbs and flowers of the garden, combined for us to stay beautiful, young and healthy!
 I am also creating organic, essential oil blends; Love, Cash Flow, Power, and Drive Calm (Protection) are some of my latest. I will be sharing some of these and my magical art for all who desire these qualities in their own lives.
Just as in all good cooking, savoring the delicious aromas of essential oils, and tuning into the subtle healing results, while training the palette for delicate flavors rather than quick easy fixes, takes time. I will be sharing another recipe tidbit from my Magical Cookbook very soon! Keep posted 'cauz I'm percolating!
In Good Health,
With Many Blessings