Friday, August 21, 2009


I attended another funeral today. Well, almost attended. I lost my way there. Which was just as well, because I just did not want to have another "viewing" so soon after my mum...

I like the idea of being cremated more and more. I want my ashes to be scattered from a cliff overlooking the thrashing ocean. At this point.

Water has and will continue to play an important role in my life. The above photograph was taken by me in Yosemite National Park on a photo holiday. It has a feeling for me of a birthing, an innocent awakening. Of trust and vulnerability.

The Alpha & Omega. A journey for all of us humans. We know, that we know, that we are, and we are fraught with the fear of the unknown, which is also beautiful in its mystery.

Everyday we die a little. But what if we willingly die every moment, what if we are not afraid? What if.....we experience life as if every moment is the last moment? As in an orgasm which is, as the French say " la petite mort" The little death.

I include this video from ColdPlay from their latest, Vive La Vida (or Death and all his friends...)