Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today is the day to celebrate our beautiful Mother Earth! It is so beautiful today that I just had to honor the environmental consciousness of all of those who are trying so very hard to make it possible for us to change for the better all of the mistakes made in ignorance in the past.
Thank you! I remember when I lived in New York and visited a friend's family for dinner when they shamed him for being so selflessly involved in correcting and solving problems of our environment. (He was ahead of his time) He was making so little money at this and was so dedicated! He opened my eyes when at the time I was modeling for a living and only living for and thinking about being physically beautiful. Now I know it is important to live beautifully. And for me, that means taking care of my beautiful planet in every small way I can, as the microcosm so the macrocosm. Thank you so much Buckminster Fuller!

One of the most informative websites I have found on the subject of environmental responsibility is