Monday, March 23, 2015

Cherie Bender's Glitter Book Of Magical Cooking: Healing the Natural Way

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              Guava Goddess, by Cherie Bender

Having found myself in quite a lot of pain from one of my fingers, the fingernail of the index finger on my right hand (not the best place to have a sudden vicious reaction to laundry detergent and dish-washing soap) especially not for an artist on a deadline. I investigated on the internet for a natural homeopathic solution.
As my finger was swelling and all work on my latest art project stopped, I was happy to discover four of my kitchen ingredients to be the perfect healing solution: apple cider vinegar and fresh garlic; then Honey and cinnamon
First, I soaked the poor hurting finger in a solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2 parts lukewarm water for 15 minutes. Letting the vinegar dry naturally, I then broke open a garlic clove, slicing it in half and gently rubbed around the entire nail bed and under.
Within literally minutes, my finger started to be soothed, and stopped viciously throbbing.
I then mixed equal parts honey and cinnamon and applied with a small bandage. I Left this on for a few hours, drawing out any remaining sting and resultant infection.
Happily, my right hand and its index finger are on the road to recovery via ingredients in my kitchen!
I always knew I could survive in the jungle with just a few natural ingredients and a little homeopathic know-how!  I'm a Goddess who loves healing with nature. Its always best with the body, Ive found, to treat it with gentleness, and be kind. Throwing a lot of antibiotics at a physical hurt mostly results in the body being thrown out of balance. Then work must be done to bring back the balance. Treating in the natural way causes no harm and is just as effective, while costing very little. A much safer and healthier way to go in all aspects.