Tuesday, March 18, 2008


As Easter and Spring approach, I am torn between the need to contemplate the truth of this season, the huge sacrifice made by Jesus the Christ, the great examples left us by a true Master, and my personal desire to wander..... without a care in the world, and travel to parts unknown and far away. Carefree and sun-kissed. Traveling light......

My painting "CROWN OF THORNS" which I feature here, is an example of how I feel sometimes also....... bleeding and troubled but with the knowledge that blood can be beautiful and we all bleed. Such is the dichotomy of life.

I also think of the new seeds sending out their tender green tendrils through the dark, cold earth, waiting patiently underneath the snow, for winter to end. They find their way, finally,through instinct and faith, into the spring and sunshine to share their beauty with us, and to feed us. I think especially about those who live in the North, and are rather sick of Winter.. how wonderful to breathe in Spring at last!

Perhaps now is a good time to speak of gratitude, and being in the perfect moment, the only moment we have ever had, and the perfection of NOW. Visit My Website