Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Now that the partying is over and the dust has settled before writing more in my blog, I have come to the conclusion, this year feels much better than the last!

We are now facing a new election for the president, hopefully this time one who is a better diplomat and one who the people can trust not to send their babies off to war. Hopefully, also, the arts will again be allowed to flourish in this country, and artists can experience prosperity and well being again, with the support and respect of the American government. I have enjoyed a book about EDITH HALPERN called 'THE GIRL AND THE GALLERY' . I loved reading about her support and care of her stable of artists, which included Georgia O'Keefe, and Frank Stella. America hired a lot of artists for government supported projects......

This oil painting on wood "IMAGINATION" speaks about the courage to dive deep and let your faith keep you afloat!
Like the day when your daddy taught you how to swim....."big enough to let go of me, like the day you learned to swim...cause you're all grown up now!" from 'The Sensual World' song artist: Kate Bush
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