Thursday, April 3, 2008


I have finished the painting "MARILYN IN HER PUCCI MIRROR BLOUSE" which has taken me some three months to complete, through Christmas and Easter and a few other projects in between! The physical painting is 5Ft X 3Ft, oil on Belgian linen, with wrapped painted 2" edges.
I am so happy with the result, and feel what I wanted to accomplish, I accomplished completely (that is why it took me so long). This is the first time that I had published an initial drawing of my work, so people can actually see my brain thought process involved, before I even start work on the painting. And work it is, a lot of it. And I love it.

My 2007 December blog entry with the same title, features the sketch of Marilyn Monroe, and my thoughts about how she made it cool to wear spectacles and how the poet Frost, President Abe Lincoln, and the brilliant Einstein, were her heroes. The colors I chose for this painting are cooler than are usual for Marilyn, but I feel she fits well with the turquoise bedspread and cobalt blue capri pants, the aquamarine and green reflections in the lamp on the night stand, and the gold for the mirrors on her Pucci blouse. Each mirror reflects the sky and clouds. I chose a green untitled book for her to be flipping through, and the painting has her name MARILYN and my own CHERIE BENDER on the two books by the reflective lamp. My last touch was to add rose madder genuine to her cheeks, which gave her a healthy, warm glow!

This painting MARILYN IN HER PUCCI MIRROR BLOUSE and my oil painting CROWN OF THORNS are currently on exhibit in the Images Gallery of the Boca Museum Artists Guild until May.Visit My Website


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