Monday, October 15, 2007


October 15 is Blog Action Day, and all greenies are joining hands in blog fashion to inform and disseminate on how to keep and improve our beautiful planet earth!

This is very exciting news and how wonderful to be a part of the growing awareness of caring for Mother Earth.

I do have a few tips which personally have worked for me as an artist and consumer. It is a given that I recycle. Now, how about keeping all glass jars with lids? They are perfect for medium containers and make great pencil and brush holders. Saving brown paper bags from the grocery store is a good idea too, they make good wrapping paper for parcels and are excellent for sketching.

I was totally against the cutting down of our citrus trees the past few years, that 1900ft radius within an "infected" tree was bogus! Many, many, healthy citrus trees were cut down unnecessarily in Florida. Thank God the United States stepped in and stopped the craziness. You cannot cut down millions of trees and not expect repercussions! Especially on a peninsula such as Florida...... Mother Nature did not like, and we had three major hurricanes as a direct result, Hello? Jeb and George Bush?

How wonderful that Al Gore has received the Nobel Prize! One last thing, we should all plant a tree, I plan on planting an orange tree right outiside my bedroom window, where Ezekial, my Key West Lime tree used to reside....

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