Thursday, January 12, 2017

Art Deco: My New Deco Collection in Pastels & Oils

Angel Uriel: oil painting by Cherie Bender

Having had fabulous success with my Art Deco collection, I am enthused to start a new one!
Loving the time of the 1920s, and the artists who lived then, I am enjoying painting in my studio to the tune of my different drummer. I feel the inspiration and I go with the flow so Art Deco it is! Starting with the painting I did for my blog head-piece "Geisha With Rainbow" I will be creating my "New Art Deco" in oil paintings and pastels. 
I have not forgotten nor put aside my Magical Cookbook. I am still cooking  in my new Cappuccino Kitchen, editing the recipes I discover, and illustrating those recipes with paintings drawings and photographs, and will be closer to publication later this fall. This will be an excuse to have another cooking party video!
2017 promises to be a busy and fulfilling year for me both as an artist, and as a purveyor of fine food recipes.
Happy New Year & Many Blessings!
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