Monday, September 5, 2016

Gratitude on Being A Working Artist Labor Day 2016

Men Shaking Hands, a pastel drawing
Today, on Labor Day September 5, 2016, I reflect on how I've been very lucky and fortunate to have inherited the gift from my parents of creating art, and I've been an artist most of my life.
For a fairly long while, I modeled, and I loved acting in plays and in movies, but throughout, I always did my visuals. I can say with definite certainty, my true love and truest passion has always been creating art. Whether on an excruciating deadline or taking my time making something that pleases me, this has been an incredible journey. I share with you now, one of my favorite pieces "Men Shaking Hands" a pastel drawing I did for one of my first self promos on the internet. It has the flavor of an Aynn Rand book, as I probably was influenced by my reading of "Atlas Shrugged" when I was sixteen and again around the time I created this pastel. In the depths of my psyche is the work ethic I inherited from my Dad. I love to layer and perfect my work both as an illustrator and as a fine artist. The original Pastel, Men Shaking Hands, is available, as are some other commissioned pieces I did for a living as an illustrator. Please visit my web to view this and more commissioned art. You may inquire about availability via my contact page.
Have a Blessed Day, and God Bless America!
Happy Labor Day

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