Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Dream Come True: My Affair With Greece!

Last year, after selling the painting ~ Crown Of Thorns ~  to the  Museum, in Athens, Greece, I ecstatically made plans to deliver, rather than ship my precious cargo, to Athens.  
I had mixed feelings about selling this painting ~  my most true, most profoundly moving to myself, work, so far ~ But, I had always a fantasy of Athens, Greece, the islands, and the Goddesses. 

When I arrived in Athens, the initial thrill of opening my hotel room window onto the panorama of the city laid out before me like a jeweled necklace, with the crown jewel on top of the hill before me, the Acropolis, was incomparable. Opening the window, leaning  out to take a picture, I heard whistles from the street.  Gotta love those Greeks, so handsome, charming and the best flirts on the planet, in my opinion.  

I loved Athens, the old city, the Acropolis, and particularly I adored the islands, Mykonos & Santorini were breathtaking, but Patmos has my heart forever. 
Ohhhhhh, PATMOS! Island where St. John wrote the Book Of Revelation. I was there, in the sacred grotto, I put my hand in the rock where St. John put his hand. I felt  tremendously moved, I cried. I shall return to beautiful Patmos, I promise!
Blissfully, after leaving the grotto, I drank ouzo with the Greeks beneath the cliff, blowing kisses and happy  happy  happy !  The best thing is at times ~ anticipation ~  I plan on spending a month or so in the summer, in Beautiful Greece! Especially beloved Patmos, where Goddess Aphrodite bathed nearby. Enchantment is there, gorgeousness is there! ~

After two full weeks of travel, finishing up with a few days stay in my favorite hotel in Rome, I arrived home in the States, where I immediately had miracles happen ~ The first was the next morning, when I awoke to the sound of a beautiful goddess-like voice singing my name,  calling for me to return to Beautiful Athens, Greece and the Islands. I am positively breathless with excitement for my next adventure there! Many Blessings. Featured: Pencil & Gauche Drawing  36" x 48" ~ Luscious Garden ~ by Cherie Bender


  1. Hi Cherie, I love your gauche paining. It is absolutely fabulous. Also, you seem to navigate through life by intuition - and from what I can see, it's working out for you. This reminds me of something Louise Hay said in one of her books. She described living by intuition, where the universe just says "you will go here, you will go there", and consequently, lives by autopilot.
    Best wishes. Kim. Still reading law of attraction books

    1. Dear Kim:
      Thank you for loving my art! I appreciate that so much. Here's a great affirmation: All Things That The Father Hath, Are Mine!
      I just blogged about the Grand Opening for the Museum in Athens Greece, in which I will be a part of, 2013! check out my latest caper :) Here & on Facebook; Many Blessings