Thursday, April 1, 2010


Now is the appointed time. Time ..... what a concept.

I have been following A Year In Pictures for quite some time as you can see on my list of favorite blogs, and very pleasantly discovered today that one of my favorite photos of Twinka was chosen for the Happiness Project!

"And from Cherie Bender who coincidentally had photographed Twinka at about the same time as Cynthia MacAdams (who I just wrote about) "

I met Twinka while in California and photographed her in Yosemite. It was such a happy and free time and I also met Imogene Cunningham; the slide above captures the sunlight and fragility of the moment... I had taken some great shots in black and white film during  the work shop which were stolen along with all of my photo equipment from my bungalow while I visited with the Ansel Adams family. They very kindly let me stay in their house after that in Yosemite because I was so young and scared!