Monday, September 21, 2009


Desire - the beginning of creation and adventure, begins with thought. We think, therefore we are. Desire, what would life be without Desire? Very, very boring, I can tell you that. I go a fairly long time without really desiring anything, but once I get bitten, watch out! I am incorrigible.

This painting is part of the Rebel series. I just delivered this and other paintings to a gallery in downtown Miami getting ready for Art Basil 2009 in December .... I miss it already. A part of me is inside that painting, which is inspired from a photograph my husband took of me when I was nineteen years old and newly married. We were at Sebring, Florida, watching the races. Andy loved to race and loved race cars. He taught me how to drive in an old TR4 which I later inherited. I became a very good driver from that experience. I can remember driving home late in the old TR, when lo and behold, the alternator light came on, and me without a clue what an alternator even was.... I did get home safely, although I cannot remember how exactly.

Desire & The Pink Lamborghini, a diptych, has Mizner Park in the background, distressed. I wanted to juxtaposition two realities, then and now. As if time is frozen forever and I am still dreaming now of then and then of now and ... of more desire. The painting is oil on linen with a free form abstract panel, done in pink, black, baby blue and silver, 5ft x 5ft.

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