Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Today I thought I would load a picture of me working in my studio. It is a beautiful day today, and I really appreciate the weather here. I can paint and look outside at my garden, it is awesome.

Here I am working on one of the four sacred heads I started last year. "ST. THERESE" I was inspired to create this particular head from a vision I had when visiting The Church Of The Little Flower. I was praying at the alter in the back of the church, when in answer to my prayer I was showered with hundreds of white flowers falling on me, it was so healingly beautiful!

A few years later I discovered this is how ST. THERESE, known as THE LITTLE FLOWER, appears to her sincere and faithful seekers.

I wish St. THERESE would come down and shower me again with hundreds of white roses again today, I could really use some extra help here! Visit My Website

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