Saturday, November 10, 2007


I have many thoughts which roam around this rattletrap brain of mine, filled with treasures and spider-webs from disuse, but the sunlight shining through the window of the croweded attic of my house-brain illuminates the beautiful objects and rare memories to be found there.......

When I first moved to Boca Raton, I fell in love with the Japanese culture that still exists here. I visited the MORIKAMI MUSEUM in Delray many times and nine years ago, anyone could bring a picnic and use the redwood tables and barbeque pits, under the towering pines and soft carpet of the forest and dine like Gods & Goddesses. Later, after lunch, one could wander off down to the pond where carp swam in golden iridescent shimmers and tortoises lazily basked in the glimmering waters. It was all free, the land donated by Mr. Morikami to the city of Delray. Part of his ashes are buried there and part in Osaka. Thank you, Mr. Morikami!

A beautiful waterfall splashes in abandon down the rocks and I find inspiration there, and love.... here is.....
A painting about ABUNDANCE and the universe within. Here is one of my Geisha's,my tribute to the lovely Japanese culture, how they honor grace and beauty, tranquility and PEACE

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