Monday, October 29, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Featuring Dalai Lucky Dragon As Dalai Desparado

Hi, Everyone!

All those that know me well know my doggie Dalai Lucky Dragon is the greatest doggie ever. He is a Japanese Chin and he is so good, patient and wise, I swear he just loves to wear costumes and play!
Yesterday, we took pictures in my back yard and he went along with the program like the trooper he is and I did get a whole bunch of great shots.

I have a new idea for my fine art series "REBEL!" called "WOMAN UNCHAINED" The painting "Uber Femme" was in THE ALL FLORIDA SHOW this year in the BOCA RATON MUSEUM as part of that series. I am still working on initial sketches for 'WOMAN UNCHAINED' and will be posting same in the very near future.

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