Monday, October 22, 2007


I have a wonderful tree right outside my house, her name is "Anastasia" and she is magnificent. A few years have gone by since her last cut, and yesterday was the day designated to give her a trim. Wow! Talk about size - I never realized just how huge this tree is, until Chino & his saw, who rides the "cherry picker" like a cowboy on a wild horse, told me he could not reach the top even though he is high up in the air, about 90 feet or so, and he is at least 6ft. tall......

This picture was taken today, as I was struck by her massive beauty, My Anastasia speaks to me about strength, she has survived numerous hurricanes, and I have lived through four big ones with her. I hug her frequently, and she appreiciates that, I am sure. The last hurricane we had she assured me she is strong and would stay standing and proud, and she was right!

Today, I honor her and the value of trees. I would never consider chopping her down, and she has been kind to my house, providing shade, beauty, food & shelter for the various birds such as morning doves, blue jays, hummingbirds, orange finches and deep purple black crows and many kinds of beautiful butterflies. Thank you Anastasia!

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