Saturday, September 22, 2007


Sometimes, the gathering of materials to begin a project can be the most challenging. I used to carry a small sketchbook and a few well sharpened pencils with me at all times. That was before I made my bliss my business!

It's time to enjoy creating again. That is the lesson now for me. Mornings are creative, afternoons are implemented to "get my art out there!" "Get it out there, Cherie" I hear them calling to me, and so I must listen.

Now I have what I need in hand, I feel the morning beckon and the golden feeling of a new painting series being born is very soothing to my soul. If all else fails, I will always have my art and my ability to render on a blank page or canvas a vision I have. Wnen an idea is given as a gift from the universe it feels as if God is in His heaven, and all is well with the world. That is why so many wish. desire and covet the title of "artist" but beware! This crown has thorns! The thorns are the false pride which goes beyond pride in accomplishment. Nothing less than total committment to the process of creation is called for here.

"...and the day came when to remain in the bud was more painful... than the risk it took to blossom"
Anais Nin

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